Membership Information

How to become a member

To be eligible to become a member you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a Scottish national or of Scottish descent

To apply for a membership, print and complete the Membership Application (click here), and return to the Society's Secretary (address listed on the form).

About the Society

The Caledonian Society of Cincinnati was originally formed to aid indigent Scots immigrating to this country. There aren't many indigent Scots to be found in this century, but those of us who are their descendants see a need to prevent our heritage and culture from being forgotten. Our Articles today state as our purpose as " ... to preserve and promote the Scottish Heritage and ... Culture." We do that by encouraging and supporting other groups whose activities promote those goals such as our local pipe bands and Country Dance Society, various Highland Games and, within the Society, scholarships for those of Scottish descent attending local institutions of higher education, and, of course, our observance of traditional events such as Robert Burns and St. Andrew's Nights, the activities at our meetings, and our WWW page, among others.

What We Do

We have five meetings a year, although some are hardly recognizable as such, being primarily social. These are the annual meeting in January, the Spring and Fall meetings, the corn roast in August, and St. Andrew's Night in late November. We also celebrate Robert Burns' birthday in January and we count that as a meeting if any business is done. So far none has been. Too much fun stuff going on. All of our events and meetings are open to the public.

We also publish a newsletter, the Gaelic gazette, four times a year to keep our members informed of what's happening in the Society, what's going to happen, and upcoming events of interest. It also includes articles of celtic humour, tradition and history and a directory of local Scottish services (need a piper? want to learn highland or country dancing?).

What it costs

Dues are $20 per annum, payable on or before the annual meeting or accompanying the submission of the membership application. Mail your application, together with $20 dues and a $5 processing fee to our Membership Secretary, Patrick McCollum at 967 Palomar Drive, Loveland,OH 45140. You will be accepted into the Society at its first meeting following receipt of the above items.

How do I learn more?

For Additional Information contact: Patrick McCollum 513-502-3164

We look forward to hearing from you and having you as a part of the Oldest Caledonian Society in the United States!