Wesley and Virginia Montgomery Scholarship

The Caledonian Society of Cincinnati, Ohio annually provides one or more one-year scholarships to students of Scottish ancestry who have excelled in academic pursuits, and who have demonstrated the ability to continue a high level of collegiate performance.

These scholarship awards are based on the following criteria:

  1. Resident of the Greater Cincinnati Area*.
  2. Scottish Ancestry (some supporting evidence required).
  3. Currently enrolled as a full time student in a Greater Cincinnati Area* college or university in a course of study leading to a baccalaureate or advanced degree.  In practice, this means applicants will have completed the equivalent of their Freshman year of college and plan to enroll as a full-time student in the upcoming academic school year.
  4. Attainment of a Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.5 of a possible 4.0, or the equivalent in the college or university which you attend or from which you have transferred.
  5. An established need for financial aid as verified by documentation from the Student Financial Aid Office of the school being attended.
  6. Personal interview with the Caledonian Society Selection Committee, if requested by that body.

* Criteria waived for Caledonian Society descendants.

To apply for a scholarship, complete this form (Scholarship Application). Email an MS Word file of the completd application form to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee, currently Jamie Gordon [Jamiegordon20@gmail.com]. ALSO, (1) Print and sign the completed application form; (2) Obtain and attach written verification of your matriculation status, grade point average, and financial need from the Student Financial Aid Office. Also attach documentation substantiating your Scots ancestry, and any other information you feel might be helpful in evaluating your application. The application and all documentation must be received by the Scholarship Committee no later than July 15. Awards are announced in September of each year.  

The completed application together with the required documentation, or requests for further information, should be sent to:

Jamie Gordon        Jamiegordon20@gmail.com